Development Process

Development, Testing and Documenting

In development process scope of project is defined in a document. After documentation of project scope and design, developers program the code for project. After completion of programming process it turns to testing phase, an integral and important part of development process. During testing bugs are tracked and fixed as early as possible. During development process documentation is done at every step of each phase. The internal design is documented for further use; maintenance and enhancement. This may also include writing of an API.

Deployment and maintenance

After finalizing testing and approval for final release of product or application, deployment is done. Training is also an important phase in this module. Training makes possible efficient use of product or application. People often resist change and avoid venturing in new areas, so as part of deployment process imparting training is very important. Maintenance takes place to tackle newly discovered bugs or problems, alongside it also address enhancement required to fulfill increasing or diversified use of software after development. It may be necessary to address part of code that does not fit the original design, correct an unforeseen problem, or it may be that a customer is requesting more functionality to accommodate their new need. If the cost of maintenance exceeds 25% of labor cost of prior process, then its likely overall development quality is poor. In this case, management should consider rebuilding the system (or portion) before maintenance cost is out of control.