Hospital Management

Our Hospital Management System deals with Patient informations. It contains Front office, Doctor, Lab, Pharmacy and Billing flow. And the Entire hospital administration will be handled by Admin. It will take care of a patient from the Initial level of the entry to the hospital to the Discharge period. It will track the complete records of the Patient. Hospital Management System consists of the Patient Details, Complaints, Entry details, Billing, Schedules for the Doctor and so on.


New Patient Registration:

Register a new patient into your Hospital Management System with all his personal information like full name, address, contact info, location, city, state, country, referred by etc. Every new patient registered gets a unique ID which helps the Hospital Management system to use it for different data connectivity and dependencies.

Registration type:

There can be different scenarios a patient gets registered into the Hospital or clinic. It can be emergency or accident, it can be normal check up or due to some symptoms or birth. PowerHMS's patient registration module gives option to identify the case type - whether it's an emergency, birth or normal check up which helps hospitals to generate reports based on case types.

Registered Patient Records: In this module, there are two types of patient’s records

Outpatient details include patient registration. And each patient will be provided with a unique register No. It also includes Doctor Consultant details, Diagnosis details, treatment details and prescription details. An Investigation Report could be generated for individual patients.

Inpatient details include patient registration. And each patient will be provided with a unique Register No. Once the patient is admitted he/she will be assigned to a required ward. Mainly it includes Medical Cases and Surgical Details. A medical case includes Doctors Note Sheet, Treatment Sheet, Nurses Note Sheet etc. A surgical detail includes Operational Details, Surgical Procedure etc. If necessary Miscellaneous Details could be added.


The Surgery Module also provides the facility to capture equipment preparation and theatre preparation for surgery. It generates planned resource requirements report based on scheduled operations well in advance. It not only provides statistics reports useful for quality control and infection control but also these revenue reports are used in maintaining the costs and revenue invested in only Operation Theater.

Pre-Operative checks like Pre-Anesthesia, Anesthesia type, Investigations required, Risk Assessment, and Pre-operative instructions are maintained in the system.
Recording Operation Notes during surgery consisting of Vital Signs, BP, Pulse, IV Fluids, R.R., Drugs given and complication related events is available in the system.
Post-operative details such as Investigations, Recovery Conditions, Problems, Pain Management are recorded into the system.
Recording of items issued and consumption details for accurate billing.

Staff Records:

In this module, Staff Records are maintained. There are three types of Staffs which are Doctors, Para-Medical Staffs and Non-Medical Staffs. Each Doctor will be assigned to a department. Duty Details of all the doctors are maintained. We will be able to know the Records of total staffs as well as the staff of particular department.

Product Records:

In this module product records like Medicine & Surgical equipment are maintained. There are two kinds of medicine lists they are Inside Pharmacy Medicine List and Outside Pharmacy Medicine List. Medicines are distinguished under different Medicine categories.

Ward Records:

Hospital Rooms and Wards can be booked from here for IPD patients. While booking the rooms, our Hospital room booking system also gives the options to choose the type of room - for e.g...: Deluxe, Semi-Deluxe, VIP, Super Deluxe etc. which also helps in the billing to charge proper rates for each room type.


Inventory is the backbone for almost all enterprises, to define the growth, survival or the success of a business. Poor inventory management can lead to reduced sales which in turn can result in the failure of a business. In Inventory module, Product, Product type, Product Location, Tax Calculation and all Stocks are maintained.


Purchasing module of Hospital management software streamlines procurement of required medicine and Surgery Equipment. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, negotiating price, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control modules. Purchasing module is often integrated with supply chain management software.


This module of Hospital Management Software comprises of Contact Management and Sales Order Processing Management. It is an integrated solution comprising of marketing and sales activities of internal Pharmacy. Organization can act immediately to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness and customer relationship by using this module. Sales and Marketing module also help to you getting your customer order management easier day by day. Use of this ERP module also includes maintaining customer information, quickly creating a quote or migrating them to sales order.


Organizations having plans to make investments in ERP system have to do a proper evaluation before taking any decision about right selection of ERP system. However, it must be kept in mind that in today's technically advanced world, web-based ERP softwares can do great miracles. Administration is not just a business function but it is also about managing business tools. Admin module is very important as it helps one to add questions, delete questions etc. it is responsible for managing sites and one can also search questions by using question title and id.

This is totally about administration rights and will help one in adding various numbers of administrators such as security, office staff, accountant etc. and offers them necessary access permissions. Just like a mechanic fixing car issues, ERP administrator looks after the whole system through applying vendor given fixes to errors, supporting technical infrastructure and enhancements. The main responsibilities of ERP administrator module includes help desk support, managing backup schedules, assisting in training needs, managing interfaces, communicating with the maintenance schedules, looking after interface management etc.

ERP administrator also maintains system performance, changing requirements of functional areas and help calls for determining when to tune up the process or oil the gears. The module helps the staffs of front office in managing enquiries and responding properly. It also offers them reports on admitted and non-admitted members. It lets the management work in a proper order.

Human Resource:

The Human Resources module is a critical business intelligence area of the ERP solution and one that every company can use to add value to the information that they track and report on for top managers of the company. In many companies the information contained in the Human Resources module is also used to feed information to other areas of the company, again making the accuracy of the information critical. For example: the IT Department receives termination notices when an employee leaves the company, allowing them to terminate all systems access that needs to occur immediately to keep disgruntled employees from wreaking havoc on key business systems or from sending out emails to the entire company, which most companies prefer not to happen.

If you find yourself involved in the Human Resources area of a company you will find the use of the ERP solution to be a value added tool that you can use to help you manage the wealth of information that the Human Resources module offers you to manage and report upon, as well as provide to third parties whether they are other departments in the company or benefit providers who need the information. Make it a key metric to always keep the employee information updated to the best of your ability, while providing the employees to help you keep the information updated using Employee Self-Service. You will find that the time spent maintaining accurate employee information is both fun and rewarding when you are asked to provide information to the leaders of your company.


Provided module of diagnosis is widely utilizing by various pathology lab to disseminate and record the information regarding all the tests performed. With this system Laboratory department receives online request generated by doctors and also permits all the laboratory personnel to generate their requests. Further, the offered Laboratory module included with ACGIL's Electra hospital management software supports all the departments to perform various tests categorized under following disciplines: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology, Cytology, Neurology, Serology and Radiology.

All the performed tests are then grouped under variegated sections & sample type (specimen). By generating request, the user can easily input the sample to generate the sample number and so get a sample number printed within seconds. Sample results can be entered as per generated sample type either to one test or multiple tests. In addition, if the test result requires any approval, its supervisor's duty to approve the result and made it available for concerned doctors.

Such software has features that allow the users to modify the details of the various patients and doctors and incorporate security features that prevent misuse of the stored information. The software allows the users:
To check the occupancy level at any point of time
The number of doctors and other staff on duty
Greater control over Patient Management
Avoid errors and track every single detail
To check the billing status of various patients
Quick installable nature
User-friendly, easy-to-use & web-enabled applications
Security & privacy (authentication, authorization, privacy policy)
Ward services management such as admissions, patients’ movement and discharges.
Receipts analysis - Displays important information about the all purchase orders that have been delivered and received by month.

Patient Registration & Admission
Appointment Management with SMS Reminders to notify patients about appointments & delays
Patient Check in / Check out
Patient Record Maintenance
Staff Record Maintenance
Store and Pharmacy Management
Medical Equipment Maintenance
Reception Management
Online Scheduling
Ward management
Billing System

SMS/Email integration
Biometric Device & RFID Smart Card Integration
Product Configuration Management
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